Our Team

Meldon Kahan smiles for a portrait. He wears glasses, and a light pink shirt.

Meldon Kahan

Medical Director

Dr. Meldon Kahan, MD CCFP FRCPC, has worked in the addiction field for many years. In addition to his role as Medical Director of META:PHI, he is a staff physician at the Substance Use Service at Women’s College Hospital. Dr. Kahan has written a number of peer-reviewed articles on addiction, and has been a principal or co-principal investigator on various research studies, including several randomized trials and observational studies. He has been extensively involved in policy and advocacy. He has helped write several guidelines on opioid agonist treatment and opioid prescribing for chronic pain, and has co-authored several handbooks and guidance documents on addiction medicine. He has given numerous presentations for local, provincial, and national conferences. His main interest is the integration of addiction medicine into primary care, emergency departments, and hospital units.

Ann Marie Corrado smiles at the camera

Ann Marie Corrado

Network Director (2022-2023)

Ann Marie Corrado, MSc, has worked at Women’s College Hospital since 2019 and has a background in project management, spread and scale, and government policy development. As the Acting Director of META:PHI, Ann Marie provides professional leadership and program development and oversight to the provincial network. Ann Marie also liaises with provincial agencies and raises the profile of the rapid access model, which has been adopted by over 75 clinics in Ontario, in addition to clinics in other provinces.

Jennifer Wyman stands with her arms crossed and a kind smirk on her face.

Jennifer Wyman

Medical Educator

Dr. Jennifer Wyman, MD CCFP FCFP DABAM MPH, is currently an Assistant Professor in the Department of Family and Community Medicine at the University of Toronto, and Medical Director of the Substance Use Service at Women’s College Hospital in Toronto. As a physician working in primary care and addictions, in community and academic settings, her interest is in improving care pathways for people with substance use disorders through education, resource development and advocacy across the heath care sectors.

Sarah Clarke

Knowledge Broker

Sarah Clarke, PhD, has been involved with verious research projects since 2006, and joined the Substance Use Service at Women’s College Hospital in 2013. She works with the META:PHI team to develop educational materials and resources for health care providers.

Leslie Molnar stands smiling with her arms crossed.

Leslie Molnar

Social Work Educator

Leslie Molnar, BSW MSW RSW, is a clinical social worker/psychotherapist working in the Substance Use Service at Women’s College Hospital, where she provides assessment, psychotherapy, and group experiences to patients struggling with substance use disorders. She also works in the General Psychiatry/Mental Health in Medicine program, a specialized mental health service for clients with mental health concerns complicated by a concurrent medical illness, where she delivers individual psychotherapy and facilitates a CBT group for depression and anxiety as well as a group for people who have PTSD symptoms and substance use issues. As META:PHI’s social work educator, Leslie provides educational support to social workers and outreach workers in RAAM clinics across the province. She has trained in trauma-informed care and a number of therapeutic interventions, including CBT, relational psychotherapy, DBT, structured relapse prevention, CPT, and IPT, and brings compassion and enthusiasm to her work.

Laurie Smith

Administrative Assistant

Laurie Smith has a background in teaching and music, and spent five years travelling and teaching English as a second language internationally. Laurie’s previous positions have included roles in education, provincial and municipal government, and healthcare. Laurie is delighted to be on the META:PHI team and support their determined and inspiring work in expanding and improving addictions treatment throughout Ontario and beyond.

Katie Dunham

Nurse Educator

Katie Dunham, BSc Hons BScN MN NP-PHC, is a nurse practitioner with a Master’s in Nursing (Humanitarian and Emergency Medicine) and an Honours Specialization in Kinesiology. She is also a member of the Canadian Medical Assistance Team and was deployed to Nepal for earthquake relief in 2015. She previously worked in the emergency department at London Health Sciences Centre, and has a research background in cardiovascular studies in youth and human kinetics.

Kate Hardy smiles for a portrait in a black blazer with a blue shirt just peeking from behind the collar.

Kate Hardy

Network Director (ON LEAVE 2022-2023)

Kate Hardy, MSW RSW MHSc, has worked at Women’s College Hospital since 2013 and helped found the META:PHI program in 2015. As director of META:PHI, Kate liaises with provincial agencies and raises the profile of the rapid access model, which has been adopted by over 70 clinics in Ontario, in addition to clinics in other provinces.

Advisory Committee

Rachel Alexander

Peer Advisor

Rachel offers the insight of someone with first-hand lived experience. She is skilled at integrating a variety of approaches and practices in her daily life, while holding a holistic understanding of substance use disorders and mental health recovery. She has a particular interest in the relationship between trauma and addiction along with trauma-informed care. She views this role as an opportunity to give back to folks with addiction as well as the health care system that has been essential in her own path towards health and well-being. Rachel holds a Hons. BA (University of Toronto) in Equity Studies & Buddhism, Psychology and Mental Health & Philosophy. In her spare time, she can be found attending concerts, listening to dharma talks, and practicing yoga.

Kim Baker

WMS Advisor

Kim Baker is the Director of Clinical Services at St. Leonard’s Community Services.  She is a Registered Social Worker with career experiences that have spanned clinical work, training, health promotion, system planning, implementation, and leadership.  After more than a decade working at the Centre for Addiction and Mental Health (CAMH), in 2018 Kim joined St. Leonard’s where she provides leadership and oversight for a wide variety of addiction and mental health programs, including outpatient concurrent disorders, bedded withdrawal management and treatment, and mental health crisis telephone line, walk-in, and outreach supports.  Kim is passionate about driving change by combining knowledge of evidence-informed frameworks, such as Implementation Science and Quality Improvement methodology, with a strong work ethic and compassion for people.

Sara Bown

Peer Advisor

Sara currently resides in Windsor, Ontario with her cat, Willow.  She has a step-daughter whom she adores and a beautiful grandson who  has been gifted this world.  Sara works at Hotel-Dieu Grace Healthcare in the Mental Health and Addictions department. She has been a Medical Secretary for 25 years and loves her work.  Sara is also passionate about helping others trying to recover from addiction, as she has struggled with alcohol use herself.  Mental health and addiction is so very common – and so very hidden.   Through membership on this Advisory Committee, Sara hopes to influence awareness and change perceptions of those living with addiction.

Lisa Bromley

Inpatient Medicine Advisor

Dr. Lisa Bromley, MD, CCFP(AM), FCFP, is an Assistant Professor with the Faculty of Medicine at the University of Ottawa, and Medical Director of The Ottawa Hospital Substance Use Program. She works in both the inpatient and community settings. She provides low-barrier Opioid Agonist Treatment in the RAAM clinic at Sandy Hill CHC in Ottawa. She has been a methadone prescriber since 2001.

Leslie Buckley

Psychiatry Advisor

Dr. Leslie Buckley, MD MPH FRCPC, is the Chief of the Addictions Division at the Centre for Addiction and Mental Health (CAMH) in Toronto. Dr. Buckley is an addiction psychiatrist and specializes in providing outpatient treatment for substance use disorders. She has a special interest in health system innovation in addiction treatment and creating collaborations to enhance care for people seeking help with substance use. Areas of specialized focus include women’s health, working with Children’s Aid and virtual care interventions. Dr. Buckley is also an Assistant Professor at the University of Toronto with longstanding involvement in addiction education for medical students and residents. She has a keen interest in Advocacy in Medicine and Health Promotion with respect to substance use.

Robin Griller

Residential Treatment Advisor

Robin is the Executive Director of St. Michael’s Homes, an addiction and mental health service provider in Toronto.  Robin has worked in a number of sectors including primary care, community social services, mental health and addictions, and health system community engagement.  He has been Chair of the Addiction Service Providers Working Group in Toronto, and co-chaired the Mental Health and Substance Use Working Group for the Mid-West Ontario Health Team.   As Director of Homeless and Housing Services at St. Stephen’s Community House, Robin led the founding and implementation of the Toronto Community Addiction Team, one of the first major community-hospital partnerships in the substance use service sector in Toronto. Robin has a Masters’ Degree from University of Toronto.

Janelle Hannon

ED Opioid Patient Navigator

Janelle brings the insight of a skilled medical social worker to the practice of addiction medicine. Her highly developed skills in assessing the psychosocial circumstances precipitating and maintaining substance abuse and addiction are invaluable to the multidisciplinary teams to which she contributes. Her perspective is informed by her strong understanding of the intersectionality of trauma, culture and multiple social determinants of health on individual recovery. Janelle regards the opportunity to participate on this panel as a valuable chance to implement overdue systemic change that will facilitate recovery and healing for a historically stigmatized population. Janelle holds a Hons. BHSc in Public Health, Graduate Certificate in Addictions and Mental Health and a Masters of Social Work. She is currently working as a social worker for CAMH’s Medical Withdrawal Services.

Christina Henry

Registered Nurse Advisor

Christina Henry, RN BScN BA, is the Registered Nurse at the Rapid Access Addictions Medicine Clinic in Thunder Bay. She was raised in a rural town in Southern Ontario before moving to Ottawa to obtain her Bachelor of Arts in Biology at Carleton University. Following this, she embarked on a backpacking trip across India for several months, which opened her eyes to the challenges and resiliency of those less fortunate and served as the inspiration to get into the field of nursing. She moved to Thunder Bay to obtain her Bachelor of Science in Nursing at Lakehead University and stayed to start her career and family, having fallen in love with the beauty of Northwestern Ontario. She began her career in Acute Care Oncology but later moved into community care as a Hepatitis C treatment nurse followed by outpatient mental health nursing. When the RAAM clinic opened in Thunder Bay, she felt it was the perfect fit both for herself and the needs of the community. She is excited to join the META:PHI Advisory Committee and contribute a Northern perspective to the discussions.

Kate Lazier

Emergency Medicine Advisor

Kate Lazier is an emergency and addiction physician practising at Michael Garron Hospital in Toronto, Ontario and at Fishermen’s Memorial Hospital in Lunenburg, Nova Scotia. She is Addiction Health Physician Lead at Michael Garron Hospital and an Assistant Professor at the University of Toronto.

Patrick Nowak

Consumption and Treatment Services Advisor

Patrick Nowak is a registered nurse and the program manager for outpatient mental health and addictions at the Timmins and District Hospital. Patrick has a background in inpatient mental health, crisis response, public health, and harm reduction. Throughout his career, he has been involved in the creation of different systems and programs ranging from early warning systems for opioid poisonings to overdose prevention sites. Patrick provides oversight for Timmins and District Hospital’s outpatient mental health services, inpatient withdrawal management, community withdrawal management, addictions medicine consult services, and Timmins’ temporary supervised consumption site.

Lori Regenstreif

Family and Addiction Medicine Advisor

Dr. Lori Regenstreif, MSc MD CCFP (AM) FCFP MScCH (AMH) CISAM, is a graduate of University of Toronto medical school and has been working in inner city Hamilton since 2004. She co-founded the Shelter Health Network in 2005 and the Hamilton Clinic’s opioid treatment clinic in 2010, and has had an active role in recruiting and training clinicians to provide opioid treatment. Dr. Regenstreif was instrumental in the establishment of the St. Joseph’s Hospital RAAM clinic and the inpatient addiction medicine service at St. Joseph’s Hospital and Hamilton Health Sciences General, services that she envisioned and planned while working on her Master’s degree at the Dalla Lana School of Public Health.

Elizabeth Shouldice

Emergency Medicine Advisor

Dr. Elizabeth Shouldice, MD MPH CCFP(EM) FCFP, is a graduate of Dalhousie University School of Medicine and family medicine residency program. She completed an emergency medicine fellowship at the University of Ottawa in 2007 and has been practicing full-time community emergency medicine in the Ottawa area since 2008. Since graduating with a Master of Public Health from Johns Hopkins in 2013, she has had an interest in harm reduction and prehospital care. Over the past several years, she has added community-based addiction medicine to her clinical practice, in addition to work in community emergency medicine and teaching both emergency medicine residents and advanced care paramedic students.

Michael Roach

Administrative Advisor

Michael Roach is the North Easter Ontario regional lead for addictions services, including RAAM clinics and the Addictions Medicine Consult Teams (AMCT). He also co-chairs the Norther Addictions Task Team, a pan-Northern Ontario committee responding to the substance use during COVID-19. In addition to providing regional leadership, he is also the interim manager for Sudbury’s RAAM clinic and has been leading the implementation of the Health Sciences North AMCT throughout the hospital. Michael is a registered nurse with a varied background in education, nursing regulation, mental health, long-term care, community health, and as a school nurse in London, England. Michael is actively involved in research and scholarship, participating as an investigator in multiple research studies and publications. He also has a strong background in program evaluation, having worked as an Education and Program Evaluation Consultant for the College of Licensed Practical Nurses of Manitoba.

Anita Srivastava

Family and Addiction Medicine Advisor

Dr. Anita Srivastava, MD MSc CCFP, is an Associate Professor in the Department of Family and Community Medicine at the University of Toronto.. She practices both family medicine and addiction medicine and is very involved in addiction medicine education, and advocacy, and has published multiple peer-reviewed research articles.

Maria Zhang

Pharmacy Advisor

Maria Zhang, RPh BScPhm PharmD MSc, is an Advanced Practice Clinical Leader and Clinician Educator jointly at the Centre for Addiction and Mental Health (CAMH) and at the Leslie Dan Faculty of Pharmacy, University of Toronto (U of T). Maria completed her graduate work at CAMH through the Department of Pharmaceutical Sciences and the Collaborative Program in Addiction Studies at U of T. The focus of her research and her teaching is substance use disorders, with a specialization in problematic knowledge translation and supporting the continuing professional development of health care practitioners.