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ED Toolkit for Opioid Use Disorder

The goal of the META:PHI ED Toolkit for Opioid Use Disorder is to provide the resources necessary for a prescriber in any emergency department in Ontario to initiate buprenorphine when appropriate, along with additional materials to support all ED staff in providing evidence-based care for patients with opioid use disorder.

This toolkit was inspired by the CA Bridge program.

Prescriber information

Prescriber Information
Buprenorphine Macrodosing Primer
Download PDF, 86kB
Prescriber Information
Methadone Initiation
Download PDF, 278kB
Prescriber Information
Buprenorphine Macrodosing Initiation
Download PDF, 542kB
Prescriber Information
Buprenorphine Quick-Start Guide
Download PDF, 614kB
Prescriber Information
Buprenorphine Reference Guide for ED Providers
Download PDF, 303kB
Prescriber Information
Buprenorphine FAQs
Download PDF, 158kB
Prescriber Information
Buprenorphine: Information for Community Providers
Download PDF, 59kB


Methadone Initiation Order Set
Download PDF, 40kB
Methadone Prescription
Download PDF, 37kB
Substance Use Screening Questions
Download PDF, 120kB
ED Order Set for Opioid Withdrawal/Buprenorphine Initiation
Download PDF, 247kB
Clinical Opioid Withdrawal Scale (COWS)
Download PDF, 42kB
Buprenorphine Prescription after ED Initiation
Download PDF, 35kB
Buprenorphine Prescription for Home Start
Download PDF, 58kB
Buprenorphine Prescription for Microdose Start
Download PDF, 41kB
ED Discharge Summary/Referral to RAAM
Download PDF, 36kB

Administrative resources

Administrative Resources
Application to Add Buprenorphine to ED Formulary
Download PDF, 113kB
Administrative Resources
ED Naloxone Distribution Policy
Download PDF, 57kB
Administrative Resources
ED Naloxone Distribution Medical Directive
Download PDF, 43kB
Administrative Resources
ED Naloxone Kit Distribution Record
Download PDF, 45kB
Administrative Resources
Addressing Stigma
Download PDF, 109kB

Patient materials

Patient Materials
Suboxone Treatment: What to Know and Expect
Download PDF, 60kB
Patient Materials
Suboxone Home Start Info
Download PDF, 118kB
Patient Materials
Suboxone microdosing start info
Download PDF, 124kB
Patient Materials
Naloxone Kit Insert
Download PDF, 163kB

Lead authors
Jennifer Wyman MD FCFP DABAM MPH
Larry Nijmeh MD CCFP (EM) FCFP
Elizabeth Shouldice MD MPH CCFP (EM) FCFP

Ruben Hummelen MD CCFP
Meldon Kahan MD CCFP FRCPC
Michelle Klaiman MD FRCPC DABAM
Helen Manohararaj MScN NP-PHC ENC (C)
Lisa Roth MD CCFP
Anita Srivastava MD MSc CCFP

James Brokenshire MD CCFP (EM)
Calvin Chan MD CCFP
Katie Dunham BSc Hons BScN MN NP-PHC
Jonathan Gravel MD CCFP (EM)
Nour Khatib MD CCFP (EM)
Kate Lazier MD CCFP (EM) FCFP
James McGorman MD CCFP (EM)
Hasan Sheikh MD CCFP (EM)
Max Zworth MD PGY-1 (EM)