September 22, 2022

Information for people on methadone and health care providers about new generic methadone products

Two new generic methadone products have been added to the Ontario provincial formulary. As of Septem

May 30, 2022

Take-home Naloxone Program in EDs and Hospitals

These materials are intended for EDs and hospitals who want to set up their own take-home naloxone p

April 19, 2022

Take-Home Naloxone Bulletin

The Ontario Naloxone Program (ONP) and META:PHI have prepared a bulletin on the importance of making

February 10, 2022

Looking for META:PHI community consultants

In order to improve the quality and credibility of our materials, META:PHI would like to assemble a


Latest resources

WMS Manual
Withdrawal Management Services Toolkit

This toolkit was created for providers working in residential community-based withdrawal management services (WMS) to standardize care, improve documentation and information sharing, and provide quick access to relevant information. Authors: Katie Dunham, Mareena Mathew, Karan Cheema, Laura Jones, Kristine Rivest, Jared Bonis, Meldon Kahan, and Jennifer Wyman Version date: 14 June 2022

COVID-19 Resources
COVID-19 opioid agonist treatment guidance (in collaboration with the Centre for Addiction and Mental Health and the Ontario Medical Association)

This document offers guidance for adjusting the delivery of opioid agonist treatment (OAT) in light of the COVID-19 pandemic. Authors: Vincent Lam, Chris Sankey, Jennifer Wyman, Maria Zhang Contributors: Charles Bonham-Carter, Joel Bordman, Lisa Bromley, Leslie Buckley, Greg Carfagnini, Chris Cavacuiti, Sarah Clarke, Robert Cooper, Francesca DiPaola, Mike Franklyn, Kate Hardy, Meldon Kahan, Ken Lee, Naveed Nawab, Lori Regenstreif, Peter Selby, Beth Sproule, Melanie Willows Version date: August 2021

PDF, 271kB
Primary care management of substance use

This primer is aimed at primary care providers (PCPs) and offers guidance on the management of substance use in primary care. Authors: Sarah Clarke, Katie Dunham, Meldon Kahan, and Jennifer Wyman Version date: 12 August 2021

PDF, 751kB
Methadone treatment for people who use fentanyl: Recommendations

This guidance document presents recommendations for prescribing methadone as opioid agonist treatment (OAT) for people who use fentanyl. Authors: Lisa Bromley, Meldon Kahan, Leonora Regenstreif, Anita Srivastava, Jennifer Wyman Version date: 30 June 2021

PDF, 416kB