These resources support ongoing substance use disorder education for health care providers. If there is something you would like to see here, please e-mail Sarah Clarke.

PowerPoint presentations

These presentations can be used for providing addiction training sessions to health care providers.

Primary care

Safe opioid prescribing (Version date: 10 June 2019)
Managing opioid use disorders (Version date: 10 June 2019)
Managing alcohol use (Version date: 10 June 2019)
Brief counselling (Version date: 10 June 2019)
Taking over addiction management (Version date: 10 June 2019)
Trauma-informed care (Version date: 10 June 2019)

Emergency care

Managing alcohol withdrawal (Version date: 10 June 2019)
Managing opioid withdrawal
 (Version date: 10 June 2019)
Naloxone distribution training (Version date: 10 June 2019)



META:PHI patient engagement video series (Version date: 1 April 2019) – In this set of videos, Susan Shin MSW leads RAAM clinicians Greg Carfagnini MD CCFP (EM) (AM), Sheryl Lindsay MSW, and Irene Njoroge RN MPH(C) in a panel discussion about how to engage patients in addiction treatment in a RAAM setting. Videography by Michael Wong.

01 – Engaging patients struggling with substance use
02 – The role and impact of stigma and trauma
03 – Managing risk for the practitioner and the patient
04 – Self-care and reflection for the practitioner 

META:PHI addiction management e-modules – These e-modules provide a concise overview of managing alcohol and opioid use disorders in different settings.

Primary care providers
Emergency physicians
Emergency nurses
Emergency counsellors and crisis workers

Lakeridge Health Take-Home Naloxone Kit Distribution  This module provides training to health care professionals on distributing take-home naloxone to patients.

Machealth Opioids Clinical Primer  The Opioids Clinical Primer is a series of six accredited online learning modules covering issues related to opioid use disorder, safer opioid prescribing, and managing chronic pain. The series may be of interest to those working in/with RAAM clinics, as well as primary care providers seeking to improve their knowledge and skills in the areas of opioid use disorder and chronic pain management.


Community of practice

The META:PHI Community of Practice is a Google group for health care providers across Ontario to discuss addiction-related clinical issues, policies, and recent articles. E-mail Sarah Clarke to join the group.

Monthly RAAM clinic teleconferences

META:PHI facilitates four monthly 45-minute teleconferences for people working at RAAM clinics in different roles:

Prescriber teleconference: Second Tuesday of each month at 8:00
Nurse teleconference: Second Wednesday of each month at 9:00
Counsellor/case manager teleconference: Second Friday of each month at 9:00
Administrator teleconference: Third Thursday of each month at 9:00

E-mail Kate Hardy to join any of these calls.

Archived educational events

Monthly teleconference presentations

Working with precontemplation – Leslie Molnar MSW RSW (June 12, 2020)
Crystal meth use among gbMSM: Discussion of findings and recommendations from OHTN's Crystal Meth Think Tank
 – Leslie Molnar MSW RSW (February 14, 2020)
 | Sample MBRP group guidelines – Robyn Alexander (January 10, 2020)
Community Team Approaches to Mental Health Services and Wellness Promotion
– Radhika Shastri RN (December 11, 2019)
Sexual Assault & Domestic Violence Care Centre (SA/DVCC) Services & Supporting Clients Through Disclosures of Violence
– Emma Moore MSW RSW, Rekha John MSW RSW (October 11, 2019)
Crystal meth use among gbMSM: Discussion of findings and recommendations from OHTN's Crystal Meth Think Tank – Irene Njoroge RN APN MPH(C) (October 9, 2019)
Grief: Supportive counselling in the RAAM clinic
– Irene Njoroge RN APN MPH(C) (September 12, 2019)
Motivational Interviewing – Dr. Julie Henderson (June 14, 2019)
OUD Medication Primer – Dr. Meldon Kahan (April 12, 2019)
Women and Substance Use (Part 2) – Leslie Molnar MSW RSW (March 8, 2019)
Women and Substance Use (Part 1) – Leslie Molnar MSW RSW (February 8, 2019)
Seeking Safety in RAAM Clinics – Leslie Molnar MSW RSW (January 11, 2019)
Enhancing One-Meeting Potentials: An Introduction to Single-Session Practice in Healthcare – Leslie Molnar MSW RSW (November 9, 2018)

2019 META:PHI Conference (September 20, 2019) 


Provincial overview and META:PHI supports – Kate Hardy (META:PHI), Sarah Clarke (META:PHI)
Clinical best practices in addiction medicine – Meldon Kahan MD CCFP FRCPC
Knowledge dissemination of addiction skills across clinical settings – Ken Lee MD MCFP(AM), Lori Regensteir MD CCFP(AM) FCFP MScCH(AMH) CISAM, Jennifer Wyman MD CCFP FCFP DABAM MPH
Engaging community partners: Pilot with the Ontario Provincial Police – John Gorchinsky (OPP)
Engaging community partners: Collaborating with CAS – Ambreen Ladha (Children's Aid Society of Toronto)
Engaging community partners: Building pathways with social services – Barbara Andrade (City of Toronto)
Management of substance-induced psychosis, depression, and anxiety – Darren Holub MD FRCPC FASAM DABAM CCSAM
Thunder Bay RAAM clinic: Trauma-informed progress – Julia MacArthur (Thunder Bay Counselling), Darcy McWhirter (St. Joseph's Care Group), Georgina McKinnon (People Advocating for Change through Empowerment), Carleigh Taylor, Dilico Anishinabek Family Care
Making RAAMs accessible: Delivering culturally safe care to Indigenous clients – Sheryl Lindsay (Anishnawbe Health Toronto)
HIV and Hep C: Screening, educating, and referring patients in addiction settings – Courtney Thompson MD FRCPC MSc
Adjunct psychosocial services to RAAM – Leslie Molnar (Women's College Hospital)
Challenges in OAT treatment in fentanyl users – Anita Srivastava MD MSc CCFP


Transfer of care to PCP letter template (alcohol / opioids)
Initial visit letter template
Discharge letter template
Children's Aid Society of Toronto: How and why children enter CAS care
Child and Family Services: Reporting child abuse and neglect
FAR services
FAR summer newsletter


2018 META:PHI Conference (September 21–22, 2018)


Introduction and welcome – Kate Hardy, Sarah Clarke (META:PHI)
Engaging patients in care: Lessons learned from the Ottawa RAAM clinic – Kim Corace, Melanie Willows (The Royal Ottawa Mental Health Centre)
Anishnawbe Health Toronto: Rapid Access to Addiction Medicine – Peter Wynne, Sheryl Lindsay, Leslie Saunders (Anishnawbe Health Toronto)
Considerations when working with women – Lindsay Williams (Breakaway Addiction Services)
Special population considerations: The older adult – Marilyn White-Campbell (Reconnect Community Mental Health Services)
Approaches for working with adolescents and youth who use alcohol and drugs – Sharon Cirone (St. Joseph's Health Centre)
Substance use in pregnancy: Top 10 tips for working with pregnant women – Suzanne Turner (St. Michael's Hospital)
Medical and psychosocial management of benzodiazepines, crystal meth, cocaine, and cannabis – Wiplove Lamba (St. Michael's Hospital)
Engaging communities in the RAAM clinic process – Mike Franklyn, Stephanie Paquette, Paola Folino (Health Sciences North)
Supporting families of those who use substances – Irene Njoroge, Leslie Molnar (META:PHI)
Best practices for RAAM clinics – Meldon Kahan (META:PHI)
Developing community pathways – Camille Keith (META:PHI)
Emergency department care in the RAAM era: A critical partnership – Larry Nijmeh (Lakeridge Health)
Trauma-informed care – Leslie Molnar, Irene Njoroge (META:PHI)

Day 1 webcast
Day 2 webcast