META:PHI is a provincial initiative to support health care providers in treating people struggling with substance use disorders with care models, clinical addiction tools for health care providers, resources for patients, and information about rapid access addiction medicine clinics across the province.

Emergency Department Resources

Administrative Resources
Addressing Stigma
Download PDF, 109kB
Administrative Resources
Application to Add Buprenorphine to ED Formulary
Download PDF, 113kB
Prescriber Information
Buprenorphine FAQs
Download PDF, 158kB
Prescriber Information
Buprenorphine: Information for Community Providers
Download PDF, 59kB
Buprenorphine Prescription after ED Initiation
Download PDF, 35kB
Buprenorphine Prescription for Home Start
Download PDF, 58kB
Buprenorphine Prescription for Microdose Start
Download PDF, 41kB
Prescriber Information
Buprenorphine Quick-Start Guide
Download PDF, 614kB
Prescriber Information
Buprenorphine Reference Guide for ED Providers
Download PDF, 303kB
Clinical Opioid Withdrawal Scale (COWS)
Download PDF, 42kB
ED Discharge Summary/Referral to RAAM
Download PDF, 36kB
Administrative Resources
ED Naloxone Distribution Medical Directive
Download PDF, 43kB
Administrative Resources
ED Naloxone Distribution Policy
Download PDF, 57kB
Administrative Resources
ED Naloxone Kit Distribution Record
Download PDF, 45kB
ED Order Set for Opioid Withdrawal/Buprenorphine Initiation
Download PDF, 247kB
Patient Materials
Suboxone Treatment: What to Know and Expect
Download PDF, 60kB

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Latest News

September 22, 2022

Information for people on methadone and health care providers about new generic methadone products

Two new generic methadone products have been added to the Ontario provincial formulary. As of September 29th, only the equivalent cost of generic methadone will be reimbursed by the province. […]

May 30, 2022

Take-home Naloxone Program in EDs and Hospitals

These materials are intended for EDs and hospitals who want to set up their own take-home naloxone programs, in collaboration with the Ontario Naloxone Program and local public health units. […]